Amada style V7,2/H100 - W3334 Active bend Evo die

SKU: W3334-500

Active bend EVO avoids some of the most common issues experienced
when using conventional dies; as it:


  • Reduces marks caused by die shoulders.
  • Reduces damages to protected and/or painted sheets.
  • Reduces marks on tread/checker plates.
  • Reduces distortion of holes near bending line.


  • It makes it easier and more accurate the fabrication of sheets with
    diagonal sides.
  • It makes it possible to bend sheets with smaller flanges.
  • It makes it possible to bend a wider range of sheet thicknesses that
    would require more than one standard die.


Thickness 0,7mm 1mm 1,5mm
MIN outside flange lenght 4,2mm 4,2mm 4,2mm
Min bend angle 40° 35° 35°
MAX outside radius 3mm 2,6mm 2,2mm

Body Material: CrMo hardened on its surface up to 55 HRC

Inserts Material: Special steel through hardened up to 60 HRC

Compatible with AMADA - PROMECAM Press brake
Manufacturer: Eurostamp Made in Italy

Customization of this tool is possible.

Normal delivery 4 weeks + shipping