Eurostamp SRL

The most cutting-edge technology in the industry tailored to customers' needs

Eurostamp Tooling is a company specialized exclusively in the production of bending tools and accessories, an industry for which they have developed the most advanced technology in the world.

Their staff of specialists checks every stage of production, from the choice of alloys and raw steels to the milling, hardening and grinding of each piece. They use 100% Italian steel to guarantee maximum precision and high-quality mechanical characteristics.

The sales team and the technical staff work together with the customer to satisfy every type of request – standard or special – to find the most efficient, high-performance solutions. They are able to promptly meet every request and provide training support for the bending process.

via A. Borotti 9/11
29121 Piacenza, Italy
Tel. +39 0523/489 954   




Metal bending made profitable
Being competitive in industry is about flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That’s why business managers and production professionals in all branches of industry turn to WILA. They use our innovative, high-quality tool holders and tooling to improve their press brake productivity, reduce costs per product and make their sheet metal bending business more profitable.

The Future of Sheet Metal Bending
Sheet metal bending is changing, facing ever more product variants, smaller batch sizes and shorter delivery times. How to remain competitive in business? Team up with WILA to develop a future-proof strategy for making a profit on any order, large or small. All WILA tooling and tool holders are ready for the smart factory of the future, in which digital connectivity allows people, machines, automation and software to work together perfectly.

7380 Coca Cola Drive
Hanover, MD 21076 USA
Tel. 443-459-5496




“Low Friction,” Dies have been developed to meet the high demands of the sub-contractors who offer continual product improvement to their end-users. By using new production techniques, new materials and years of tooling experience a new tooling product has been developed offering great value for money.  It can be used for almost any application and will be a major advantage for use in the midrange and heavy sheet metal industry.

Lijsterbeslaan 1,
7121 BS Aalten, Pays-Bas
Tel. +31 543 478 282

Garant Machinerie

Since 1988, Garant Machinerie has been the preferred supplier of the constantly evolving technological industrial sector. Specialized in sheet metal processing equipment, such as press brakes, laser cutters, digital guillotine shears, and metal fabrication equipment, our company offers advanced technologies, especially for automated and digital controlled machines. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations and committed to providing competitive and tailored equipment to meet your specific needs. Garant Machinerie stands out for its first-class after-sales service and technical support composed of 10 specialized technicians. Invest in quality with Garant Machinerie and benefit from our expertise to meet your sheet metal processing equipment needs.

8860 Boul. Guillaume-Couture,
Lévis, Québec G6V 9H1 (Canada)
Tel. +418 837.5832
Toll free 1 888 508.7243