60°/V32 - CD-32 Compound die

SKU: CD-32-550


Angle: 60°
Opening: 32mm
Capacity T/m: 60

• High precision, on repetition, even several years after the purchase.
• Low wear on the bending radius.
• Replaceable, high precision radius shafts.
• Shafts plated tin or bronze for less wear and damage on bent parts.
• The non metallic shafts minimize the damage on the stainless steel and aluminium parts.
• High quality die body, extruded, anodised.
• Easy to cut by the user (Saw the body, grind the shaft.)
• Low price.
• Light to handle.

• Limited charge.
• Corner folds impossible
• Limited shapes, as body is extruded.

*For Air Bending Only
Manufacturer: D-Design Made in Netherlands