Amada style KYOKKO-H100-D - Reversible Kyokko intermediates


Drastically save on set-up time. Quick action lever actuated, vertical loading & unloading.

Kyokko intermediates (clamping system) was designed in Japan and has been long proven. They will pay back for themselves very quickly if you make a few tooling changes per day. The latter uses as a means of tightening the clamps a bearing assisted lever, which maximizes the clamping force of the punches while limiting the effort required. In addition, it is possible with these clamps to actually load vertically your punches equipped or not with a safety groove. Finally, you can also, by releasing to a second degree each clamp, proceed to the vertical unloading of your punches. If desired or when required you can also load and unload the punches from the side. With Kyokko H100-D, you can also install gooseneck punches in reverse position since there is a second clamp (manual) on the rear side for that purpose. With Kyokko, no obligation to load by the sides, or tighten each clamp with an Allen wrench so say good bay to time wasted in tool set-up.

*Picture for reference only